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Contemporary Art

Lana Filippova produces artwork on canvas, metal, glass and wooden panels and some unusual materials like slate tiles. A range of 3D wall sculptures is equally impressive. Lana’s works look equally stunning in the main living areas as well as kitchens, bathrooms and entrance halls. A selection of canvas, glass and metal paintings complement each other in the same interior. The diversity of works stimulates the observer. Thus one does not tire of the unique and recognisable style. More examples can be seen by following the Best of Houzz

Fine art: Fine art original paintings are produced on a number of different canvas types. They are mainly executed in oils. Additional transparent and iridescent paints add three dimensional quality to the work. Metal, leather and wood are sometimes incorporated in to the already textured and layered paintings. Some canvases are framed or fitted on top of glass panels creating further diversity.

Glass art: Original paintings on glass panels are produced on a variety of coloured glass from transparent clear, bronze and grey to opaque black and white. All paintings are then fitted with metal stand off fittings which allow at least 1" gap with the wall thus creating extra depth and shadows. Mainly painted in oils they benefit from the use of glass paints and heavy textured pastes. Truly stunning results are achieved by painting on both sides of glass, increasing their complexity. Silver leaf, metal and wood are sometimes added. These glass paintings are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as they don't absorb moisture and are easy to maintain.

Metal art: Original paintings on metal occupy a prominent position in Lana's portfolio. The metal sheets are in various textures giving an interesting ground for the paintings themselves. The overall look is contemporary and crisp. The metal gives an edge to even flowing lines and organic shapes. The metal paintings are framed in minimalist metal frames to complement the material and give the work substance.

Mixed media: Original artwork in mixed media is produced in numerous surfaces including wood panels, glass and stone tiles and unusual wall coverings made of wood bark, shell and textiles. Mainly painted in oils they also have 3D raised designs and finishes in transparent glass paints. The results are always unique and unexpected where different materials are played against each other but together they create a coherent and complex image, open to the interpretation by an observer.

Wall sculptures: Lana has developed a range of wall sculptures and large scale garden installations. Bespoke designs and finishes are matched to your exact needs and your interior.

Photography: Lana's photographic work captures the images of places she has been to. These are images created by the lights of the cities at that particular moment in time and are never to be repeated, making them unique. These photographs look stunning when printed on glass or acrylic panels. They equally look very effective when printed on canvas. Svetlana can hand finish and touch up some images to further enhance them and add some texture. Please contact for the quotation with the required size.